Randy Shelly Filmography

“Gates of Darkness” 2018      Stephen Tade              Director-Don FauntLeRoy

“Not your Average Joe”2017 Mikey                             Director-Dennis Larkin

“Agent X” 2015                          Young Agent X            Director-Peter O’Fallon

“Wrong Boyfriend” 2015        Kenneth                        Director-Anthony DiBlasi

“Kid Racer”                                Marc                               Director-Dennis Devine

“Settled at Sunrise”                 James                             Director-Andrew Kersten

“A Gothic Tale”                          Mark Heim                Director-Justin Paul Ritter

“The Don of Virgil Jr High”      Chad                           Director-Deon Hayman

“Jacob”                                         Jacob                            Director-Woodson Parker

“Beowulf”                                    Young Cain                Director-Robert Zemeckis

“Dust”                                           Ray                                Director-Eric Reinecke

“Young and the Restless”        Max                                  CBS

“Olivers Ghost”                          Ethan Hunter             Director-David S. Cass Sr.

“Eaten Alive-Black Bear”         Kelly                                Director-Tim Conrad

“Good Morning America”        Himself                          ABC News

“PrimeTime Live”                      Himself                            ABC News

“Friday Night Slime Time”      Himself                           Nickelodeon

Randy Shelly